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My Lucky Hat

I have a hat. Its just a hat with a four leaf clover. I just looked at it today and wonder: does this hat make me luckier?

As I love comparing two unrelated things, I think that this is like religion. Neil Tyson would say that the hat does not have impact on how lucky I am, and would probably go on to insult my intelligence.

Neil also like to kiss himself in the mirror – but only on the lips:

Next Tweet: “I kiss me lips in mirror ;)”

So lets forget about him. Some people that are into science are proudly atheist, even there is no evidence that specifically supports atheism, as we know that the Big Bang happened, but don’t know the origin before that. So being so determined to argue over what we don’t know is pretty pointless. Those same people will tell me that my hat is not lucky.

Sure, I could prove that my hat is not lucky using science. I can wear the hat, flip a coin 1000 times, and if the coin landed on heads well above or below the margin of error, it would be lucky. But isn’t probable to happen, and I don’t feel like doing that. But before I do it, I will never know if its a lucky hat or not. And even if I were to do it, that just means that the hat wasn’t lucky in that instance. Maybe if I get a new job wearing that hat, it makes it my lucky hat.

Maybe my lucky hat is lucky because it makes me feel happy.

My four leaf clover hat may have come from the depths of my closet, but it is now, and will forever be my lucky hat. Has anything lucky come from it?


Will something lucky come from it?

Probably not.

Is it my lucky hat?


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