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Misleading Lawyers

Not all lawyers are high quality. Some like to spread information that is misleading online.

TikTok Lawyers became popular due to their ability to keep attention while spreading information about the law that generally the public is not aware of. LawByMike is the most popular one that I know of, making short videos that grab the attention of the younger TikTok audience.

The problem I have with these videos is the misinformation that he may not be spreading on purpose, but the information that people digest from it. For example, in a lot of the videos he will states that it is your right to not have to answer questions from cops unless necessary by law. Of course that is paraphrasing, but it is easy for a lot of people to disregard the second part of that statement. For example, when being pulled over, you need to show your ID and Registration; You do not need to answer “So why are you out here tonight?”. I have seen many videos of people being pulled over that are quiet when they shouldn’t be, and loud when they need to shut up. I am not a lawyer, I just got my information from LawByMike, but not all information comes from one of his videos. If somebody on TikTok scrolls and sees his video, there is a good chance that it doesn’t contain all the important pieces of information that you need to understand. A video that long would bore his audience.

A grievance I have with all lawyers is that they portray getting pulled over in the most unrealistic way to get a point across. If somebody is getting pulled over for going 10 over, the odds are that you aren’t going to talk your way out of a ticket, but it doesn’t hurt to answer the cops questions and admit to a very small fault. If you stay silent, ignoring questions and act snobby because you know the law, you aren’t going to get a warning. If you try to be respectful by answering questions that you think are reasonable, then you might just get lucky. After all, if you act like the former, you are going to end up looking like this kid:

One last small detail, lawyers that tell you not to use ChatGPT may be right on a technical level, as a really experienced lawyer would be right more than a robot; Only one costs nothing to use. Artificial Intelligence has read a lot of law books.

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